A high density, communal, affordable housing solution in a localised and horizontal democracy @radicalhousing

The @radicalhousing weekender has reinforced my view that there is a potential solution to the urban housing crisis that also fits with the solution to the lack of democracy and community.  Cohousing is a concept widely used in europe, where everyone has a small amount of private space, but many spaces and services are shared, sometimes at different levels (landings, blocks or sets of blocks). This creates a flexible form of housing suitable for everyone without duplication of amenities therefore using much less space. Many examples of this type of housing were included in John Broome’s talk on self building, but i feel the small scale, piecemeal approach is just not sufficient. What we need is truly democratic organised communities who can take the role that councils played in previous eras to build cohousing mini communities for everyone themselves that form the building blocks of an ever strengthening larger community.


Housing / gentrifcation



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